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America, second!  A desire for revenge against the German ice hockey team

America, second! A desire for revenge against the German ice hockey team

One of the strongest had to take a deep breath after the quarterfinal victory over Switzerland – Germany’s ice hockey players are fighting for a World Cup medal: “I’m proud. The team did great,” said NHL forward Niko Sturm. So the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation has the chance to win its first World Cup medal in 70 years for the third time after 2010 and 2021.

National Coach Greiss: “So it’s time again!”

“Then it’s time again. But watch out: In 2010 and 2021, Germany defeated arch-rivals Switzerland in the quarter-finals and finished fourth at the World Cup,” national coach Harold Greiss said ahead of the semi-final against the USA (Saturday, 5:20 p.m.).

“It’s great that we have another chance. We go into the game with a lot of energy and I think we want to get something this time,” said captain Moritz Müller. “We have to play like we played against Switzerland. Heart and soul, passion and everything,” NHL striker Jan-Jason Peterka said.

Hope and hope of revenge against America

After a narrow and unfortunate 2:3 loss in the group stage, the German team still has a score to settle with the American boys. At that point they had decided the game too – and still lost in the final three. Since then, the DEB team has improved again – five consecutive wins to look back on.

And it’s clear: German soldiers don’t want to fly home without a medal this time. “It’s all possible,” says great goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger and immediately relays the reason: “Because we can put these pinpricks into the attack and really drive the opponent crazy.” America should feel this quality in Tampere. Like a self-proclaimed title contender from Switzerland.

Scale the world title? Greece likes to be wrong

Suddenly, what was unthinkable before the tournament was a realistic possibility: “We can’t be world champions this time, it would be proud,” Griez had said before the World Cup began. He now has the impression that his players are trying to convince him otherwise. “Once you’ve read it, you’re welcome to prove it,” the national coach said with a laugh: “I’m happy to admit I was wrong.”

Two of the three favorites he named at the time had already been eliminated: world and Olympic champions Finland and eleven-time champions Sweden. The remaining contenders for Germany’s first World Cup medal in 70 years are Canada and the United States, along with semifinalist newcomer Latvia, which will not only disappoint opponents but also some ice hockey experts.