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Tesla confirms the launch of the Cybertruck, HW4 for Autopilot >

On the call about business numbers for the fourth quarter of 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed two important projects for 2023 that are tied together: The Cybertruck is still on schedule to begin production later this year in the quarterly report, which Musk outlined in Conference that “maybe sometime in the summer.” He said it again with Cybertruck introduced the fourth generation of hardware for the Autopilot system Will – but don’t want to make a conversion for this “HW4”.

Large e-truck size from 2024

The Tesla boss first announced the start of production of the Cybertruck in May 2022 as a goal in the middle of this year. Since then, it has been on the rise Preparations for it at the Gigafactory in Texas It was noted, which was confirmed by the company. Meanwhile, all production equipment for the Cybertruck has begun to be installed at the factory, Lars Moravi, Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering, said at the conference on Wednesday.

Earlier, the CEO, Musk, reconfirmed the planned start of production of the Cybertruck this summer. But he added that he wanted to play it down, because new productions are always very slow to start with. And most importantly, when it reaches a significant size it will be in 2024.

The first Tesla pickups are still expected to roll off the assembly line in 2023, and when asked by investors, Musk emphasized that they should be equipped with the new Autopilot devices: “Yes, the Cybertruck will have 4 devices.” According to previous statements by him, this means both new cameras and a new computer for evaluating data in their electric cars. There have been rumors about both for quite some time Tesla has already ordered components from billions of dollars’ worth of suppliers You have.

Tesla does not plan to upgrade the hardware

However, as Musk has pointed out, there should be no offer to upgrade older Teslas to HW4. On the one hand, this wouldn’t be necessary – the earlier machines aren’t as good as the future ones, but he’s confident that even with HW3 automated driving can be accomplished more safely than the average person. The Tesla chief considered 200-300 percent safer with existing autopilot hardware and 500-600 percent with the next generation as model data. Musk has made it clear that there will be a fifth conversion later, but the conversion will be costly and difficult, making it economically unviable as well.