On May 24, 1958, former Dutch Air Force pilot Martin Schroeder founded an air taxi company. From this gradually grew holiday and airline Martinair Holland. In 2008, KLM acquired and rebuilt the company. Martinair is a pure cargo airline since 2010.

Today, Martinair is the freighter of KLM and owns four Boeing 747s. But the days of the giant jets are numbered for them, too. The group announced that it would be phasing out in the fall of 2026. This was a few months earlier than planned.

Transfer of the MoU

Martine has chosen the Airbus A350 F as a replacement, and has firmly ordered four copies, KLM announced Friday (January 27). Airplanes emit more than 40 percent of the carbon dioxide2 And they made 50 percent less noise than their predecessors. Air France Cargo had already ordered four A350 freighters in December 2021.

At the same time as it ordered four more A350Fs, Air France-KLM also announced that it would order three more Airbus A350-900s. The Air France subsidiary will eventually operate 41 A350s in the passenger version.