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Den  Franzosen Edgar Destouet kennt Yannick Zeitvogel aus seinem Universitätsteam in Indianapolis. Foto: Privat

Tennis: TEV Fellbach: Two Indianapolis – Local Sport

Yannick Zeitvogel knows French Edgar Destoit from his university team in Indianapolis. Photo: private

Yannick Zeitvogel has created a relationship that will transcend the American Midwest: Frenchman Edgar Destoit, 19, will soon choose a tennis racket on his side for TEV Fellbach.

Yannick Zeitvogel, 21, currently spends his time in Indianapolis. There, the captain of TEV Fellbach met strong players in the university team. Because he quickly got along well with these guys, he actually established a relationship that stretched far beyond the American Midwest. One of his colleagues will soon be working with Yannick Zeitvogel in the new outdoor season in Germany. Young Frenchman Edgar Destoit, 19, will lead the TEV Fellbach tennis players on most match days in Oberliga. Only in the first two games of the new season – on May 15 against TC Bernhausen and on May 22 against Cannstatter TC – due to his commitment to the University of Indianapolis tennis team, can he reach a position like Yannick Zeitvogel. For this reason, TEV Fellbach also has powerful Roman Valentin Vanta on his entry list. In addition, now Frank Solero, also from France and a college coach in Indiana.