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Technical problems: Starlink satellites are falling from the sky

Technical problems: Starlink satellites are falling from the sky

technical problems

Now Elon Musk’s satellites are falling from the sky

There were already problems with the Starlink satellites at the end of March. Apparently, various models of the V2 Mini series are experiencing technical problems – some of which have already fallen.


Apparently, technical problems with Starlink satellites have increased lately. (Pictured: SpaceX rocket launch on February 2, 2023)


  • Some Starlink satellites have technical problems.

  • Elon Musk stated at the end of March that some satellites should be destroyed by entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • On Monday, one of the satellites entered Earth’s atmosphere and may have burned up in the process.

Already at the end of March there were problems New Starlink satellites to read. Starlink founder Elon Musk admitted that many satellites would have to be destroyed by controlled entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. At that time one also changed A group of 21 satellites Its orbit and kind of sag. The cause of the technical problems is unknown.

The return of the Starlink satellite was observed from the California coast.

Twitter / @dancianca

As astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell has now written on Twitter, one of the sunken Starlink satellites entered Earth’s atmosphere on Monday. The device apparently completely burned out, wrote. Satellite re-entry can be observed from the US state of California, among other places. However, three more satellites rose again into orbit.

The burning satellite is the Starlink V2 Mini – a small version of the next generation of Starlink satellites. These have a better data transfer rate and better antennas. Since the regular V2 satellites don’t fit on the Falcon 9 rocket, the miniature version sticks around until the new rocket, Starship, is ready. It is still not clear how many V2 Mini still have to be dropped from the sky.

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