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Lara Warner was surprised by the police at the hotel

Lara Warner is a key figure in the investigation proceedings of the Zurich Public Prosecutor’s Office in the “Grensel” case.

This makes one Gotham City Story From the day is clear. Romandy Court Blog has one Federal court ruling Posted on February 2nd.

This shows how the former biggest risk taker in the defunct big bank surprised the police at her hotel on September 23, 2021.

At that time, the officers took “a blue notebook and a black notebook, an iPhone with a blue body, an iPad with a keyboard and a pen.”

Zurich vs. Warner 0: 1 (Burger)

Lara Warner, who had moved up the career ladder at Paradeplatz-Bank under Tidjane Thiam and had additional support from his successor CEO Thomas Gottstein, immediately applied for the seal.

The Public Prosecution requested the Zurich court to disclose the confiscated devices and notebooks. But the judges saw no reason for this.

Referring to the ruling by the Zurich Court of Procedure, the Federal Supreme Court said it was “not clear what additional investigatively relevant information could be expected from the private recordings secured in the hotel room”.

The investigating authorities of Little Big Finanzcity did not give up. Case transferred notes and cell phone numbers to Lausanne.

But the criminal investigators also suffered mass bankruptcy before the country’s highest court.

Fingers off Röschti! (Twitter)

“Contrary to the opinion of (the Public Prosecutor’s Office), according to what has been said, the distinction according to ownership structure between ‘private’ and ‘commercial’ data or document carriers can be described as neither unrealistic nor inappropriate.”

“This applies even if it cannot be completely ruled out that records relevant to the investigation may be stored on private data carriers or documents.”

So the federal judges two months ago.

Finding and evaluating items seized from Lara Warner’s private environment that have no apparent connection to her business activities is a “disproportionate invasion of privacy”.

This meant that the Zurich judiciary had to limit its investigations into the losses of billions of CS Greensill’s money to documents seized from CS offices.

In addition to Lara Warner, four former CS employees are at the center of the criminal authorities.