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Swiss canceled trip to Banger football

Swiss canceled trip to Banger football

The Swiss crisis is taking on dramatic proportions. The airline that was two years ago The state saves him Cancellation of the morning flight from Zurich to Manchester.

There is a women’s team against Portugal in the evening. In order to get there, Swiss fans booked the early flight for Saturday at 7.05am – with the airline that sponsors the national team.

Helvetic-Embraer, Swiss flight number LX390, arrives at 8.05am in the old industrial city in northwest England. was canceled.

fee. Sorry, no boarding.

red airline red logo (Swiss)

Passengers stood at the overcrowded help desk at Zurich Airport, where there were not enough staff. What is happening? How do I get to the opening match now?

Didn’t do any good. The plane bound for Manchester remained on the ground.

Like a lot lately.

The Swiss are very disappointing. The subsidiary of the large Lufthansa group has completely failed in its core business, the organization of air travel and the smooth implementation of it.

With us you are not there (Swiss)

The billion-dollar guarantee from Bern, with which the airline obtained bank loans, was not used for quality.

Instead, it first filled its management pockets, then fired its employees. Flight attendants have suddenly become scarce.

It soon became apparent that there was a shortage of people – everywhere. Instead of bringing everything that could fly on board, the Swiss put 150 street-vaccination opponents in their cockpits and cabin rows.

They have idiots no place for us.

what do you think of? (IP)

Real “idiots” sit in planning desks on carpeted floors. You, who have an obligation to the state because air traffic is a public transport, and therefore part of the central infrastructure of Switzerland, get nothing.

Desperate customers discover in brief text messages that they can stay home because their flight has been cancelled. Summer vacation in a bucket – thanks to the Swiss.

Lift the phone, wait in the loop. 10 minutes, half an hour, one hour.

After 3 hours, I’m tired of the listener’s bustle. Go to Kloten. What do you want here, you hear a perplexed employee at the airport.

Fly, what next?

Lighter and Finer Tonight (Wigan and Lee, Wikipedia)

Next to the Swiss airline, old banking seems like an example of friendliness with customers. This means nothing.

Germany, haven of engineers, culture of respect: 17 years ago, your Frankfurt airline was allowed to get hungry Swiss with Bern’s blessing.

For a 70 million sandwich, Lufthansa’s kings have taken over a company that had previously been fed billions of taxpayers’ money and turned into an endless pit as the successor to “holy” Swissair.

Today it is clear: selling abroad was a huge mistake. The Swiss were to remain in Swiss hands.

Without it, the heart of the Alpine Republic remains weak – in terms of air connections.