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Fighting flight chaos: KLM now also restricts freight transport

Fighting flight chaos: KLM now also restricts freight transport

The Dutch airline is trying to control the chaos in Amsterdam with other measures. This also includes restraints in the pilots’ belly.

The problems started with them first: due to staffing shortages, KLM and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport were the first to slip Europe into the chaos of the current summer flight – and they’re still in the middle of it. There are queues of hundreds of meters in front of the airport every day. In order to reduce stress and increase operational stability, the airline is now taking further measures.

For one, 10 to 20 daily round trip flights to European destinations will be canceled between now and August 28. The airline is also significantly reducing the sale of remaining seats from KLM and KLM Cityhopper to European destinations. “This provides space for customers who have canceled flights to be rebooked on other flights,” says KLM. Lufthansa is already taking a similar approach.

No more shipping at KLM Cityhopper

But the Dutch do not stop at the passengers. Cargo is no longer booked and loaded onto KLM Cityhopper aircraft. “This reduces the workload of ground personnel during handling,” KLM explains.

The airline is also closing the area to loose parcels and belly-bags on planes bound for transcontinental destinations. According to the airline, these bulk shipments are now “delivered in containers on the yard and can therefore more easily be loaded onto the aircraft.” Shipping procedures are in effect until the end of the summer schedule on October 29th.