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Survival building slide with demo and new information

Survival building slide with demo and new information

Steam Next Fest is currently underway, as part of which there are a number of demos of games due to be released soon and available on Valve's launcher. At PCGH we've already featured a few titles in the past few days, including the car survival game Pacific Drive, the RTS automation Oddsparks, the space colony simulator Stellar Settlers, the complex city building simulator Thrive, and the sci-fi RTS -Mix. Stormgate as well as the long-awaited sequel Homeworld 3. Now players can also play the exciting Soulmask project.

Soulmask aims to offer a unique concept

The Soulmask is scheduled to hit the shelves in 2024, but there is currently no specific release date. However, the demo offers a detailed view and can be played for a full 40 hours. But be careful: Campfire Studio developers recommend a computer with 24GB of RAM, but in theory 12GB should be enough. Perhaps the reason why the game needs such ample RAM is because of the MMO aspect. Players can form a clan together or compete with groups of other users.

In one Posted on steam The developers present their project again in more detail. “We strive to create a coherent world that follows its own logical and realistic rules,” she says. “For example, there are large differences between regions, an overwhelming weather system with dynamic climate shifts and the widespread influence of factors such as temperature, wind and precipitation.” Even animals must adapt to environmental conditions.

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