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Super Mario Bros.  Wonder is already in circulation • Nintendo Connect

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is already in circulation • Nintendo Connect

From now on, there is a high risk of spoilers, because Super Mario Bros Wonder Affected by leakage. The ROM for the game is already in circulation, so you can already find some pictures and videos of the upcoming game online!

Super Mario Bros Wonder It is the latest Nintendo game. We don’t have to wait much longer until the ban is lifted and the first official test reports become available online and in magazines, so you’ll have to be patient. Feel free to subscribe Nintendo Connect on YouTube If you don’t want to miss our video.

It is very safe to say again that such leaks no By content creators (YouTubeers, streamers, etc.) or journalists, but even thanks to commercial releases that were sold out too early or never found. Unfortunately, this happens with every major release.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch titles and leaks often go hand in hand. Crimson Pokemon And Pokemon Purple, Engage Fire Emblem or The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears And Pikmin 4 It was already circulating online for software pirates to download a few days before it was published.

in Super Mario Bros Wonder The story may not be as important as in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears or Engage Fire Emblem However, the game still contains some surprises that you shouldn’t let spoil. Remember to block necessary hashtags on X if you don’t want to see anything about them.

Nintendo always takes leaks seriously and the company will likely try to find the cause of the current leaks Super Mario Bros Wonder-Check for ROM leak status. We can only hope that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be spared this for so long that we can save ourselves from the “already circulating” news.

Super Mario Bros Wonder It will be available to all Nintendo Switch owners starting October 20, 2023 in the Nintendo eShop and as a physical retail release.