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Launch trailer, Xbox Series demo modes, Car Pass, and list of downloadable cars

Launch trailer, Xbox Series demo modes, Car Pass, and list of downloadable cars

( – For those who pre-order/purchase the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition, the racing game from Turn 10 Studios has been playable in Early Access since October 5, 2023; Forza Motorsport (2023) was officially released on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

Forza Motorsport (2023) has been competing on PC and Xbox Series consoles since this week

To get you in the mood for the latest chapter in virtual racing with the Forza Motorsport franchise, The development studio shows off a minute-and-a-half-long launch trailer, which can be viewed here. There is also a bunch of information.

Xbox Series Road Reflections and 4K Dynamic Performance Resolution with 60 FPS to choose from.

Different graphic options can be selected

Due to slightly less powerful hardware, the options on the Xbox Series S console are different and you can choose between ‘Performance’ – 1080p dynamic resolution at 60fps – and ‘Quality’ – 1440p dynamic resolution at 30fps. In Cinema, Home Space, and Car Theater, all viewing modes on Xbox Series

In addition to the Early Access option, the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition also includes the Race Day Car Pack, Car Pass, VIP membership and Welcome Pack accessories, which include additional vehicles and features.

There are multiple options to adjust graphics details on Xbox Series consoles

The Forza Motorsport Car Pass will bring a total of 30 new vehicles to the game. It starts with the first vehicle, the No. 22 2018 Volkswagen Experion Racing Golf GTI, on October 5th. The overview explains the next Car Pass vehicles and when they will appear.

Many vehicles via Car Pass and vehicle packages

Also available since October 5th is the Race Day Car Pack, which contains 8 new vehicles designed for the race track. The list below reveals what these are. VIP membership permanently doubles credit rewards and brings 5 ​​custom Forza Edition cars, VIP Driver Gear with 5 color schemes, a VIP Player Card and a VIP Crown Flair, plus access to exclusive VIP Rivals events.

With the Welcome Pack, you can speed up your Forza Motorsport career a little. Not only are there 500,000 bonus credits to buy the car of your dreams, but there are also 5 showroom cars available in Modern Tour to get you started.

One Overview of manufacturers and models for the first Car Pass vehicles and vehicles from the Race Day Car Pack, Welcome Pack and VIP Forza Edition It can be accessed directly via the link.