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Sun spray or sunscreen?  The study shows a drastic difference in protection

Sun spray or sunscreen? The study shows a drastic difference in protection

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from: Felina Willner

Spray onto the skin and absorb immediately – sunscreen sprays are practical. But how well are they really protected? Study reveals problems.

Brisbane – A study conducted by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia looked at sun protection. The researchers took into account that the wind often prevails on the beach. A perfect prerequisite for throwing yourself into the big waves and surfing on the water with a surfboard. A lesser prerequisite for adequately spraying all parts of the body For sun protectionAccording to the results of the study.

Sunscreen instead of sunscreen? Study shows the deadly effect of wind on protection

for him Correct sun protection There are a few things to consider. So stand out among other things Different sun protection factors according to skin type And many forms of products such as sun cream, milk and spray to choose from. The Australian research group took a closer look at sunscreen and collaborated with Cancer Council Victoria and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority on their study. Sunscreen loss was determined at three different wind speeds and five different products. Results:

Quiet: 0 km / h One bottle is enough for about 2.5 times
Light breeze: 10 km/h About 54% of sunscreen loss
Moderate winds: 20 km / h About 70% of sunscreen

To test the spray products and their use in windy conditions, the researchers used a calibrated fan and a wind speed measuring device. It turns out that in windy conditions, more sun protection ends up in the atmosphere than in the body.

Sun spray study shows: Not everything ends up on the skin. (avatar) © IMAGO / Rene Traut

The average wind speed on Sylt in the summer months from June to August is high about 21.6 km / h. Then 70 percent of the sunscreen spray applied can be expected to be lost. With one of the products tested, 93 percent of that wind power was blown away.

The study shows: That’s how much sunscreen we should be applying

For good protection despite such high loss rates, a lot of content is required. Based on the five test products in the study, the following guideline values ​​can be established: If there is no wind, one spray bottle (175 grams) is only enough for about 2.5 full-body applications. With loss of protection in fair winds, you need more than one bottle, sometimes more than two bottles for a single application. Initial practical impression of the shape of the spray is not clear. More protection with significantly less content – According to the results, a good sunscreen turns out to be a better alternative. So no produce toxinsPay attention to the expiration date. Follow Favorite