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The Zurich Cadastre was activated in SIX

The Zurich Cadastre was activated in SIX

The Terravis digital land registry initiated by SIX has gained an important canton. Data for the canton of Zurich can now also be called up.

With Terravis, SIX wants to create a Switzerland-wide information system for land registry data and thus enable electronic commercial transactions with land registries via a single interface.

With the activation of the economically important canton of Zurich, an important milestone has been reached, as in Message from Wed he is called. With joining, an additional 700,000 properties can be inquired. In total, Terravis includes approximately 5.8 million properties.

Data for 22 cantons is now available on the system. This is the only thing missing Baseland, Jura, Lucerne and Neuchâtel.

Restricted access

The system constitutes a comprehensive national information portal between businesses and authorities. The platform accelerates the exchange of information in the real estate sector and aims to provide many benefits to citizens indirectly.

However, access to Terravis is granted only to those who are authorized to do so in accordance with the legal provisions and specifications of the relevant canton. These are, for example, credit institutions, notaries, and the land registries themselves.

Access is carried out nationwide on behalf of the Federal Office of Justice and in close cooperation with the cantons.

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