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SRF documentary with consequences: Kronenhalle deleted negative Google reviews

SRF documentary with consequences: Kronenhalle deleted negative Google reviews

The focus is on the Zurich Kronenhalle on the occasion of its centenary.


The traditional restaurant's head chef has been criticized by the SRF documentary 'Inside Kronenhalle'. Some of the following negative Google reviews have now been deleted.

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  • After two of three parts of SRF's “Inside Kronenhalle” documentary were broadcast, criticism of chef Peter Scharer mounted because he was supposedly being too unfriendly.
  • Some viewers posted negative reviews on Google and gave the restaurant only one star.
  • Bad reviews of Kronenhalle that only referred to the SRF documentary have now been deleted.

Ahead of today's broadcast of the third and final part of the program “Inside Kronenhalle – Luxury and tradition in the famous restaurant” on SRF1, the traditional restaurant on Bellevueplatz responded to negative comments on Google.

Viewers there gave Kronenhalle negative ratings because they thought Chef Peter was too unfriendly in his dealings with colleagues and suppliers. Along with one in five stars, they posted comments like “Only yesterday's stuff!”

While Sharer has publicly defended his working style, his employer is now also taking action against the reviews. “Yes, we requested that Google reviews be deleted because they are not based on a visit to a restaurant,” confirms Walter Lutz, Kronenhalle's media spokesman. “20 minutes”. “The bad reviews relate exclusively to the broadcast of the documentary.”

However, that doesn't mean there aren't more bad reviews on Google: “In short: overpriced food for above average quality. “Service tried hard, but it's sub-par for a restaurant of this category,” one customer wrote. Piece processing, cooking quality is rather low,” attests another.

But these votes are in the minority: Google lists 1,741 comments. On average, they gave Kronenhalle 4.6 out of 5 stars. The restaurant is also receiving support from former chef and food blogger Noah Bachofen: “The chef is strict, and he's a classic, but he doesn't seem like a big fool to me,” he adds. SRF a.