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Dieter Bohlen talks about Laura Müller's new song: “Hard Singing, Video Bello”

Dieter Bohlen talks about Laura Müller's new song: “Hard Singing, Video Bello”

Michael Wendler, 51, and his wife, Laura Mueller, 23, didn't skimp on the PR hype. In order to promote the debut song of the Onlyfans actress, who has yet to debut as a singer, all stops have been pulled out.

Through the revealing images, the party impressed the poet and his wife initially suggested that Müller would soon make a pornographic film. Almost every hour, people were sending suggestive messages on Instagram and throwing hot pepper emojis.

Add to that a little chatter (“My only fans are down!”, “YouTube is censoring my first music video!”), and you're done attracting attention. Looking at it favorably, the reactions to the song called “Superstar” can now also be seen as positive PR. The main thing is for someone to watch the video and say or write something about it.

Chants and Red Paint: Laura Muller sings about herself as a 'star'

However, reactions to the chant, which Mueller performs alternating between sexy black lingerie or a red bodysuit, have been devastating. It's not clear whether this is because of lines like “I like to do it in the car with the stick in my hand” or because in the chorus the “superstar” has to rhyme with the “follower.” Maybe it's the whole package.

The music video has garnered 235,000 views in the 16 hours since its release on YouTube. The most heartfelt comment is: “It's embarrassing without sound. I didn't dare use clay.” Or: “I didn't expect anything and I'm still disappointed!”

On Laura Muller's Instagram account, followed by 570,000 people, the results weren't much better: “I think this is the worst song I've ever heard,” Katherine wrote, liked by 1,800 people.

Dieter Bohlin puts it more radically, who can certainly be considered an expert when it comes to catchy pop music with hit potential. Via Bild-Zeitung he fully dissected Müller's singing debut: “I'm almost at a loss for words. I feel really sorry for Laura that she allowed herself to be dragged onto the Wendler bandwagon like that. Poor girl if she thinks she can make money with a song like that. It seems Wendler He thinks the modern song should be heard today but it seems as if Trud from Buxtehud thinks it should go to Shirin David Laura, something like that wouldn't work.

In short, the self-proclaimed pop titan's verdict is: “Bloody video, terrible vocals, title without a chance.” “I really feel sorry for her,” the 70-year-old said. “Germany is looking for a star” – Juror.