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Bounce Cypher 2024 – Entertainment

Bounce Cypher 2024 – Entertainment


For the rapper, today's #Cypher24 is the most important event of the year. Musician Gigi explains why.

More than 80 rap artists from Switzerland will participate in the six-hour live event titled “Bounce Cypher.” One by one, the announcers stand in front of the microphone and recite rhymes they have composed especially for the occasion. Each of them has their own crew that cheers on their artists.

In 2022, rapper Gigi was invited to an SRF event for the first time by Pablo Vogtli, host and curator of Bounce Cypher. Since that performance, nothing has been the same. “Bounce Cypher has changed a lot of things in my life,” Gigi says in an interview.

The Graubünden musician describes the event as a “trampoline” for aspiring broadcasters. Gigi's performance made her an important part of the scene, “Before that, few people knew I rapped.”

ESC Act of the Year Nemo also saw his Bounce Cypher advance in 2016. Nemo was only 16 years old and still had no name. “My Cypher moment had a very big impact on who I am and what I do today,” Nemo explained a year later.

The importance of this event for Swiss broadcasters should not be underestimated. There are public displays all over Switzerland. Thousands are watching the live broadcast and eagerly waiting for their favorite acts.

“I don't write my script the evening before an event.”

Gigi wanted to show everything she could do in 2022 – “I thought it would be my first and last cypher.” The rapper didn't expect to be invited back next year.

Who is invited?

Open the box
Close the box

Skills, timeliness and importance. These three criteria are the most historically important for Pablo Vogtli, the event's director and curator. But the artist's skills have to be right, “Only then I will invite you,” explains Pablo.

This year she wants to prove that she has worked hard on her style and is now paying special attention to how she writes her lines. “I don't write my script the evening before an event. “The script is ready at least a month before Cypher, so I can prepare for it,” Gigi says in an interview.

Rap is a competition

More than 90 presenters were invited As in rap: The Cypher is a rap competition in which the presenters show what they can do in terms of lyrics, flow and rhythm. Fight rap includes exaggerations, sarcasm, and insults as sharp as punches in boxing. Even though Gigi has “vilified” others in her text messages, and has been insulted by others, she will come “peacefully” in 2024. The sarcasm is likely a part of her, and her ego is suddenly heightened in such competition.

For Gigi, it's important for rappers to know their roots and perform authentically in Cypher, “otherwise the people watching won't hear or feel you.” And if your ego gets out of control in this part, you should be able to buy it from them.

feature with Hecht and a record deal

For Gigi, Trampoline Cypher meant that she was discovered by the famous Swiss band Hecht. After the band saw a YouTube video of their performance at Cypher, they contacted Gigi. Gigi finished on the songfriend» by Hecht. The fact that the label “physical trauma” approached them also happened thanks to the appearance of Cypher.

Gigi has been making a living off of music on her own for the past year and recently decided to look for a job again. “Zurich is expensive, and I want to invest the money I make from my shows into shows again,” says Gigi.