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special role in coronation.  King Charles is breaking Prince George’s royal rules

special role in coronation. King Charles is breaking Prince George’s royal rules

Prince George will have a special role in the coronation of King Charles. A 9-year-old will be allowed to wear his grandfather’s robe. The son of Prince William and Duchess Kate is actually quite young for that.

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  • King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, will be crowned in London on May 6.
  • The robe is said to be worn by Prince George, son of Prince William and Duchess Kate.
  • It remains unclear whether Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will attend the coronation.

King Charles III wants to dust off the British monarchy. Since succeeding his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, he has been working to make the royal family a little more introverted and open.

This should also be shown at his coronation. According to the newspaper “Daily Mirror”, for example, he does not care that the wearer of the royal robes for coronation must be eleven years old according to royal protocol. It is of great importance that Prince George takes an active part in the historical event.

Therefore, the 9-year-old will take over the task with the help of seven other children of the high-ranking officials of the palace, who are not yet known.

“George is very mature indeed.”

“Although George is only nine years old, he is very mature and understands the role of his father and grandfather very well as well as his role in the future,” said a source.

King Charles also shows an openness when it comes to invitations. In fact, no other monarchs should be present at the coronation, the focus should be entirely on King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla. But Charles has also invited other kings and queens to have a multicultural guest list.

Even the invitation gives a glimpse into the future. As his mother, Elizabeth II, poses with pomp and tiara at her coronation in 1953, Charles smiles at the camera in his iconic suit dress. His wife also refrained from excessive jewelry. Charles also referred to Camilla in the invitation as “Queen”, although in reality she still held the title “Queen Consort” until her coronation.

The royal family is still very old for the couple: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. His son badly shot his relatives in a Netflix documentary and in his autobiography. However, Charles is said to have also invited Harry and Meghan to the coronation.

As the Daily Mail found out from palace circles, a month before the historic event, it was not yet clear if the two would be engaged. Harry and Meghan are said to be undecided yet. The commitment period actually ended on April 3.

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“This is a headache for planners,” says one insider. From above, it’s always just: ‘This will be cleared up soon. “But the team has to finalize plans for 2,000 guests, including international leaders and VIPs.”

But what is already clear is that Harry and Meghan should not wave with their relatives from the balcony of Buckingham Palace if they are accepted. This place of honor is reserved only for “working royals”.

Whether the couple will really accept the invitation will be revealed on May 6th at the latest. Then Charles III. solemnly crowned before the eyes of the world.

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