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Easter getaways with the Swedish Royal Family couldn’t be more different!

April 6, 2023: The Swedish royals’ Easter holidays could hardly be any different!

The Swedish royal family also prepares the coming Easter days before. It seems King Carl Gustav (76) And for him Mrs. Silvia (79) Holidays like almost every year in Mountain hut in Storlien spend.

We drive to Storlien with parts of the family. As you know, the Queen and I have a special connection to Jämtland through our mountain hut there,

Reveal the guardian. Looks like this year they will be who they are Son of Prince Carl Philip (43), his Mrs. Sophia (38) And theirs Accompanied by three children together And while part of the family is already taking skates out of the closet, you should Princess Victoria (45) and Prince Daniel (49) They still pursue some royal assignments. The couple visited in the afternoon Swedish power grid sales She explored the energy transition and the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Where Victoria, Daniel and her are yours Children Estelle (11) and Oscar Spokeswoman Margareta Torgren told “Svensk Dammeddning” that (7) they will travel over Easter. Not yet known:

The children will have Easter break next week and the Crown Prince’s family will have Easter break Secretly celebrate.

The main thing is that you can let your soul loose a little!