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Spain is battling Croatia 5-3 in the quarter-finals

Spain is battling Croatia 5-3 in the quarter-finals

The Spaniards cheered Cesar Azpilicueta’s supposed winning goal to make it 3-1.


What a crazy game in Copenhagen! Spain battled Croatia 5-3 in the round of 16 and reached the quarter-finals thanks to two shots in extra time.

After 120 minutes of stirring, the Spaniards were tired and happy in each other’s arms. But perhaps none of them were as happy and relaxed as goalkeeper Unai Simon, who after 20 minutes one of the The most exciting of special goals Record at the World Cup or European Championship level.

With an overall performance of 120 minutes, the Spaniards confirmed the improvement they had shown in their 5-0 win over Slovakia and reached the quarter-finals with a deserved victory over World Cup finalist Croatia. The Spaniards proved in two ways that the players and the team are doing well: first they turned 0-1 into 3-1. And in extra time, they recovered well from two Croatia goals near the end of regular time. In this extra time, the sometimes reprimanded Alvaro Morata and substitute Mikel Oyarzabal scored twice again. The Croatians no longer had an answer to this, even if they still had chances. The only weakness was the Spaniards after the supposed 3-1 victory from Ferran Torres. They fell into a passive state, and this way the Croats managed to get a Furioso final where Mislav Orsic – and in the 92nd minute Mario Pasalic – met each other once.

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From the first 20 minutes they scored three good chances for Spain, none of them for Croatia. In order to take the lead in the 20th minute, the Croatians didn’t have to cross or pass, let alone shoot on goal. Instead, the world of football witnessed one of the most bitter goals in a major tournament. Pedri returned the ball from over 30 yards with a dozen back passes to Unai Simon, the young Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper. He was not allowed to take the ball in his hands. But he wasn’t able to stop him either. He touched the ball with his right toe during this embarrassing procedure, so that at least he himself and not the innocent Pedri was included in the stats as a scorer for himself.

The Croats – including the most recently praised Luka Modric – owed almost everything until the latest attack. In their best scene up to 1:3, after 67 minutes, they enabled Unai Simon to rehabilitate himself for this massive slip. Simon blocked a shot from close range for defender Josco Gvardiol with a first-class save.

After 5:3 by Mikel Oyarzabal, the Spaniards broke all the levees.


Enrique must continue to deliver

Qualifying for the quarter-finals is not a top priority for the Spaniards, who have won the last three major tournaments. So Luis Enrique will walk a fine line in the next few days. After some defeats in this European Championship, the national coach with a rich past in Barcelona will have to say and justify once again why he left all the worthy Real Madrid players at home. Sergio Ramos, Marco Asensio, Isco and Daniel Carvajal played 269 caps. Ramos can call himself a two-time world champion and European champion and has completed all 300 minutes in the finals he won.


Croatia-Spain 3:5 (3:3, 1:1) nV

Copenhagen. – 22,771 spectators. – SR Cakir (TUR). – rip20. Pedri (Agentur) 1: 0.38 – Sarabia 1: 1.57 – Azpilicueta 1: 2. 77. Ferran Torres 1: 3.85. Orsic 2: 3.90. Pasalic 3: 3.100 – Morata 3: 4. 103. Oyarzabal 3: 5.

Croatia: Levakovic; Juranovic (73. Pricalo), Vida, Kalita; Carr, Guardiol; Brozovic. Modric (114 Ivanosic), Kovacic (79 Bodimir); Vlasic (79. Pasalic), Petkovic (46. Kramaric), Rebic (67. Orsek).

Spain: Simon. Azpilicueta, Garcia (71. Pau Torres), Laporte, Gaya (77. Jordi Alba); Cook (77. Ruiz), Busquets (101. Rodri), Pedri; Ferran Torres (88. Oyarzabal), Morata, Sarabia (71. Olmo).

Notes: Croatia without Lovren (banned) and Presic (Coronavirus). 120 after Olmo’s shot. Warnings: 73. Brozovic (complains). 84 – Kalita-Carr (Foul)

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