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Tampa Bay with the Lightning and Buccaners the new sports capital of the USA?

Tampa Bay with the Lightning and Buccaners the new sports capital of the USA?

Are we witnessing the birth of a new American sports capital?

When you think of sports hot spots in the US, big names like Los Angeles, New York, Detroit or Boston come to mind. Not surprisingly, these are also the four cities that have already celebrated at least two major MLS titles multiple times in the span of a year.

Los Angeles last achieved this in 2020, when the Los Angeles Lakers triumphed in the NBA around superstar LeBron James and the Los Angeles Dodgers won the MLB World Championship. Overall, the city of California has already achieved this feat six times – five times after the turn of the millennium alone.

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New York leads the rankings with six multiple titles – last time, at age 35, he was a long way off. Back then, the New York Giants (NFL) and New York Mets (MLB) caused double cheers in the Big Apple.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers with historic Super Bowl victory

A total of ten cities have already been entered into this list. Together, these two cities have had 24 years in which two or more teams from the same city have won awards.

Tampa Bay is now poised to become the eleventh name on this illustrious list.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started with the NFL title in February. The team centered around Tom Brady created a novelty in NFL history: he had never before won a Super Bowl title on his own stadium. (all about the NFL)

Tampa Bay Lightning can now enhance this historic template. In the NHL, the defending champion is once again in the Stanley Cup Final and duels with the Montreal Canadiens for the third title in franchise history. (go on with your life Sports 1 +)

MLB: Rays narrowly failed last year

Additionally, in the Florida area there is another hot iron on fire with Tampa Bay rays. Last year, only Tampa’s MLB team failed in the World Championships with 2:4 to the L.A. Dodgers. But they are disguised again this year. Getting into the playoffs isn’t just a dream. (all about MLB)

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However, Tampa Bay fans have had to endure long periods of suffering. The Buccaneers started after forming in 1976 with 26 consecutive bankruptcies before winning their first NFL victory. The first Super Bowl victory wasn’t achieved until 2002. After all, the Bucs “only” had to wait 19 years for a second title.

Long suffering for Tampa Bay fans

The onset of rays was worse. The franchise, founded in 1998, has had 70 or fewer wins in its first 10 seasons. In 2002, with only 106 defeats and 55 victories, the lowest preliminary point was reached. The world championship has been reached twice so far (2008, 2020), and there is no title yet.

Founded in 1992, Tampa Lightning started the NHL era just as bad. 1997 to 2000 they could not record 20 wins in any season. In 1998, a court ruled that creditors could forfeit clubs, jerseys, and skates if the lightning did not pay their debts. (all about the NHL)

Pay the team and then things go. In 2004 and 2020, the Stanley Cup was brought to Florida and the title can be successfully defended this season.

So it will be interesting to see if Lightning manages to defend his title, and thus Tampa Bay will finally join the ranks of the sporting big cities in the USA.