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Soil-friendly excavator with a wide range of applications

Soil-friendly excavator with a wide range of applications

16 tons

Protects the soil: Atlas 140W Excavator with Ultra Wide Tires

Stable even with heavy loads and gentle on the ground: this is the 140W Atlas with wide tires. It should be particularly economical due to its low consumption and versatility.

Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 3:30 PM

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It shall low pressure to the ground and high stability atlas Description of the 140W “Big Foot” mobile excavator with an operating weight of 16 tons and a driving speed of 20 km/h (optional up to 36 km/h).

The extra-wide and large 710/45-26.5 20 PR tires of this wheel excavator provide the chain rig’s off-road mobility, according to Atlas in Ganderkesee. Wide tires generate significantly less ground pressure, which is why Big Foot can be used for mowing work with a 4m basket, for example.

Large ground clearance – special undercarriage

A special undercarriage is designed so that the Atlas Big Foot can move in the best possible way, without restricting the movements of the workhorse. According to the manufacturer, the Big Foot has a huge ground clearance and very low ground pressure, but without (if necessary) exceeding the transport height of 4 meters.

In order to drive to the ground as gently as possible, the axles are equipped with a locking differential of 35%. This prevents the wheels from spinning and the wheeled excavator from getting stuck in muddy ground or a swamp.

This is coupled with tremendous power. With a turning radius of 11 meters (with an optional second knuckle boom), it could still lift 1.3 tons unsupported. Power for this is provided by a 95 kW / 129 hp Deutz four-cylinder engine with diesel particulate filter.

Big Foot is equipped with a high performance piston pump controlled by load limit which controls several working motions simultaneously and independently. This is complemented by a hydraulic attachment set of up to ten different attachments such as hydraulic hammers, jib hammers, etc.

The amount of oil and its pressure can be set individually from the cab. Matched hydraulics ensure a constant supply of pressure and oil to machine tools such as mowers or sawmills and reduce tool wear. Even when cutting, with an oil flow of 30 liters and a permanent pressure of 180 bar, there is no drop in performance with any working movement of the tool.

Flexibly and economically react to many requirements

The excavator can move quickly from one location to another. Not only in the field, but also on the road. The average engine speed is 1480 revolutions, so the fuel consumption per hour is about 6.3 liters. This is also part of the Big Foot economy. Just as flexible as the optional quick coupler, it facilitates tool changes, including changing hydraulic attachments.

best offer

The Atlas 140W Big Foot cab provides good all-round visibility and plenty of room for the operator. Rear and side cameras also provide security (a 270-degree camera system is also available as an option).

There are also many details that make the job easier. For example, the steering column, seat and control units can be adjusted independently of each other. Retractable windshield, automatic air conditioning and heat-insulating glass ensure a good cabin climate.