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The Wiesner Gastronomy family is switching to cashless payments

The Wiesner Gastronomy family is switching to cashless payments

According to its boss, Daniel Wiesner, the Wiesner Family Gastronomie (FWG) will switch to cashless payments at the end of the year.

FWG operates the Nooch, Negishi, Kitchen Republic, The Butcher, Miss Miu and Outback Lodge brands in 34 locations in German-speaking Switzerland.

In these restaurants, starting from the fourth quarter, it will only be possible to pay by card or mobile phone, Wisner said in an interview with “Switzerland Weekend”. No impact is expected on tipping employees.

According to Wiesner, the FWG is growing at a rate of one to two net sites per year. “50 locations is definitely a realistic goal.” In particular, the Nooch brand, which already has ten locations, has the potential to double the number of locations. Expansion outside German-speaking Switzerland is not a problem for the FWG – “because of cultural and language barriers,” said Wiesner. “There is still a lot of potential in German-speaking Swiss cities.”

Wiesner finds the minimum wage of 23.90 francs per hour that was decided by vote in the city of Zurich problematic: “If the minimum wage is 4100 francs, that is close to the minimum that people in the service receive with training. So where is the incentive to further your education?” Then the wages of the apprentices must also be raised, making the art of cooking more affordable. “Zurich gastronomy will be more expensive,” says Wiesner.