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ESC 2024: Albania and Bessa were eliminated in the semi-finals

ESC 2024: Albania and Bessa were eliminated in the semi-finals


“Titan” 2024 in Malmö (second semi-final)

As of: May 9, 2024 at 11:59 p.m

With the song “Zemrën n'dorë” (“Heart in hand”), Besa Kokëdhima won the public vote at the Albanian “Festivali i Këngës”, but was denied access to the ESC 2024 final in Malmö.

Its original song underwent extensive reworking. Besa no longer sings in Albanian but in English. Their address for Malmo was called “Titan”. However, reaching the final in Malmö was not enough.

video: Albania: Besa – “Titan” | ESC 2nd Semi-Final 2024 (3 minutes)

Besa Kokedema, 37, who made singing a career in 2003, is a fixture on the Albanian music scene under her first name Besa. Not only did she work as a trainer on the “Voice of Albania” programme, but she also participated once – in 2009 – in the national preliminary resolution of the Economic and Social Committee, albeit in Romania. Bessa wrote her contribution with Kledi Bahiti, who had already composed the song “Karma” by Anxhela Peristeri, and Rozana Radi.

“Festivali i Këngës” is making a radical change

The show now has an audience vote and a jury vote. But the only thing that matters to the Economic and Social Council is what the public chooses. With a whopping 31 entries, there were more candidates in the running for the Malmö ticket than at any time since 2010. In addition, the 62nd Festivali i Këngës now seemed like a rejuvenating treat – the songs in the two semi-final shows were so varied and diverse . This was probably because for the first time the selection committee was not informed who sang the submitted titles. In the Newcomers category, a jury of eleven people voted on the non-stereotypical songs. Participants experienced ESC were seeking early withdrawal Kejsi Tola on the starting field in vain.

Surprise the judges with a floor-length skirt

Song contest veterans like Eugene Bushbaba (2018), Aurela Gass (2011), Ronila Hajti (2022), Junaida Al-Maliki (2019) or Eneda Tarifa (2016) was limited to enriching the third evening as guest stars, as this time not only the previous successes of Festivali i Kënges were sung, but also one or two ESC songs “Voila” for “Satellites”. To the surprise of many in the room, newcomer from Kosovo, Mal Ritkochere, was able to bring the festival to actual triumph with his self-penned title “Jmindor” (“Crazy”) in a floor-length purple fringed skirt. However, Besa Kokëdhima was not allowed to sing her contribution again after her participation in the ESC was announced.

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Albania © fotolia Photo: Britta Pedersen, vector icon

For decades, the small Balkan country was almost completely isolated from the rest of Europe. The country has been participating in the ESC since 2004, and many different styles can be found in Albanian music. more

Besa Kokedima, Albanian representative at ESC 2024 © RTSH/Pirro Beati Photography: Pirro Beati

3 minutes

Besa is competing for Albania in the European Council with Titan. Here is the official music video for the song. 3 minutes

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