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Tim Cook: Apple apologizes for iPad ad with crushed piano

Tim Cook: Apple apologizes for iPad ad with crushed piano

In a new iPad ad clip, a piano is crushed, among other things.

Apple has teased a trailer for its new iPad model, but not in the way the company had hoped. While the clip was intended to emphasize the power of the iPad, some viewers were angered by it.

The video was intended to amazingly emphasize the diverse capabilities of the most powerful Pro model of the tablet series: musical instruments such as trumpet and piano as well as paint pots, cameras, sculptures and a video game machine are crushed in a massive operation. He presses. Then the press opens again – and there's an iPad inside.

However, many viewers expressed outrage at the destruction, even if it appeared to be computer-generated. Criticism spread on the Internet that the video crushed creativity tools. Actor Hugh Grant complained on the online platform X about “Silicon Valley's destruction of the human experience.” Apple apologized and said it would refrain from broadcasting the ad on television. Apple CEO Tor Mehrin told Ad Age on Thursday that it is important for the company to design products for creative people. “We missed the mark with this video and we are sorry.”

CEO Tim Cook posted the video on Tuesday to introduce prototypes of the new iPad on the