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Israeli Eden Golan finally has her song ESC

Israeli Eden Golan finally has her song ESC

Aden Golan

“Hurricane” 2024 in Malmö (final)

As of: May 10, 2024 at 1:55 AM

Israel finds Eden Golan a candidate for ESC 2024 with casting show 'Next Star'. There was a long struggle over the song's title. With “Hurricane” the singer finally managed to qualify for the final evening in the semi-finals.

Originally their song for Malmo was supposed to be called “October Rain”. But the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) rejected it due to its political messages. This also applies to the second title presented, “Dance Forever”. Now, with “Hurricane,” a song has been found that conforms to the ESC rules.

video: Israel: Aden Golan – “Hurricane” | ESC 2nd Semi-Final 2024 (3 minutes)

Most recently, “Next Star” (“HaKokhav HaBa”) was used as a selection for the ESC in 2020. He won at the time Eden Alene, who was finally allowed to perform there a year later after the cancellation of ESC 2020. More than 20 editions of “Next Star” were broadcast on the private Israeli radio channel “Reshet 12”, with which the state broadcaster “Kan”, responsible for Economic and Social Council. In the end, the audience and jury agreed and chose Eden Golan as Israel's “next star” and ESC candidate for Malmö.

Eden Golan lived in Russia for a long time

Eden Golan was born in 2003 in Kfar Saba, near Tel Aviv. Her father was born in Latvia and her mother is from Ukraine. Golan grew up in Russia, where she lived for 13 years because her father moved to Moscow for professional reasons. However, she never felt comfortable there: “Even after 13 years, I was not used to the mentality, the atmosphere and the grayness,” she told the Mako news portal. She also had to endure hostility because of her Israeli name. After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the family left the country. However, Eden Gollan's singing career began there as well. As a participant in both Russia's The Voice Kids 2018 and the local preliminary round of Junior ESC 2015, she has received some attention. She was part of the girl group Cosmos Girls for a year. Eden Golan has been releasing his singles since 2022.

Convincing victory in casting show

Eden Golan moved closer to her dream of becoming a star in Israel by winning 'Next Superstar'. The show, moderated by Assi Azar, one of the hosts of ESC 2019, relied on a joint jury and a television broadcast. Sheri Maimon, an ECOSOC nominee in 2005, was also a member of the six-person judging panel. In the final round, Eden Golan, who describes herself as a “perfectionist”, received the most votes from both the judges and the audience. Finally, she covered “I Don't Have Anything” by Whitney Houston and “I Don't Wanna Miss Anything” by Aerosmith.

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Israel Photo: Britta Pedersen

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Eden Golan, 2024 Israeli Economic and Social Council candidate. © Kan/Ran Yehezkel Photo: Ran Yehezkel

3 minutes

Eden Golan will compete for Israel at ESC 2024 with “Hurricane.” Here is the official music video for the song. 3 minutes

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