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At this age you are too old for miniskirts!

At this age you are too old for miniskirts!

At this age, you’re too old for miniskirts

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Is there an age limit for mini skirts? According to a British study, the answer is yes! From this age, you should not wear short skirts.

this question A British study by the “Diet Chef” company. I got to the bottom. To do this, they asked 2,000 people when they should stop wearing miniskirts—and the results were amazing: Even for once 35 years old should be the end of dress pants! Strictly, ladies.

Whether it was a change in clothing style or a personal aesthetic feeling, we can only guess what thoughts played out in the minds of the respondents when making this decision. One thing is certain: Studying should never be a reason not to wear a miniskirt at 35 or older! Clothing is not only a matter of taste, but also an expression of personality. If you feel comfortable wearing leggings, wear them — no matter the age. Instead, the combos are crucial to a good piece.

while crop tops Not always advantageous, on the other hand, oversized blouses, even in the cropped version, can cause a nice break in style. Especially if the mini skirt is cut straight. Jackets can also be combined with skirts. It is important to tuck the top into the pants to create a perfectly proportioned silhouette. When it comes to shoes, elegant pumps or ballet flats are perfect. Pointed hats also visually extend the legs.

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