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FSG loses second place

FSG loses second place

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Marvin Nussbaum (left, TV Burgholzhausen) is flanked by Emilio Becker (SG Wehrheim/Pfaffenwiesbach II). © Gerhard Strohmann

Hoshtownscrase. In the Hochtaunus Region Football League, league leaders SV Seulberg secured promotion to the regional league with a 5-1 win over FV Stierstadt II. On the other hand, FSG Merzhausen/Weilnau/Weilrod lost some ground in the fight for the promotion places due to their 2:3 defeat to EFC Kronberg and had to overcome TV Burgholzhausen after 4:

1 success in SG Wehrheim/Pfaffenwiesbach II to second place, but still holds a place for direct promotion. While Eintracht Feldberg remain close to the top after a 5-0 win over Spvgg 05/99 Bomber Bad Homburg II, fourth-placed FC Weiskirchen took three points without a fight due to the non-appearance of SG Eschbach/Wernborn II. SGK Bad Homburg celebrated a deserved 4-2 win over 1.FC-TSG Königstein II.

SG Fehrheim/Pfaffenwisbach 2 – TV Burgholzhausen 1:4 (1:0): Despite the clear defeat in the end, PSG spokesman Thomas Wiedemann was quite satisfied with his team's performance: “We played a good game throughout the whole match. We were the better team, especially in the first half, and we could have extended the lead after the opening goal, however, After Mark Floken (26th) took the lead in the first half, the visitors entered the game better and left after 1: 1 – Marvin Nussbaum (50th) equalized with a converted penalty kick by Nussbaum (62nd) for a 2-1 lead that the home team then managed From keeping the game open before TVB made it all clear with a double shot from Maxim Schmihol to make it 1:3 (73') and again from Marvin Nussbaum to make it 1:4 (76' – Goals: 1:0 Mark Floken (26 ), 1:1, 1:2 Marvin Nussbaum (50th, 62nd), 1:3 Maxime Schmihol (73rd), 1:4 Marvin Nussbaum (76th minute).

Eintracht Feldberg SPVGG 05/99 Bomber Bad Homburg II 5:0 (1:0): Eintracht coach Christoph Egnolf, happy with his team's successful performance, said: “The match was under our control the whole time and our victory was deserved in the end.” After Zakaria Ben Abdullah (1-0) advanced (10), the homeowners expanded their lead to 3-0 after the break with goals from Justus Hoffman (46) and David Stiglitz (52). Against the weak visitors, Eintracht continued to exploit scoring opportunities and eventually achieved a clear 5-0 victory thanks to further goals scored by Justus Hofmann (57th) and Zakaria Benabdellah (70th). – Goals: 1:0 Zakaria Ben Abdallah (10th), 2:0 Justus Hoffman (46th), 3:0 David Stiglitz (52nd), 4:0 Justus Hoffman (57th), 5:0 Zakaria Ben Abdallah (70th). ). ).

EFC Kronberg – FSG Merzhausen/Weilerau/Wilroad 3:2 (1:1): “It was an unnecessary defeat with a bit of bad luck,” Armin Klimek said after the match. After UEFA took a 1-0 lead through Stefan Anderle (17th), FSG entered the game on the better foot and managed to equalize 1-1 through Jan Unrau just before half-time (35th). When Tom Hanisch and Robin Klimek missed more chances and Michail Krause was unlucky with a strike against the crossbar, the hosts took the lead again 2-1 through Sekou Koroma (61). After Stefan Anderle's 3:1 (74'), Jan Unrau brought FSG closer to 2:3 (85'), but it was no longer enough. – Goals: Stefan Anderle (17), 1: 1 Jan Unrau (35), 2: 1 Sekou Koroma (61), 3: 1 Stefan Anderle (74), 3: 2 Jan Unrau (85).


SV Solberg – FV Sternstadt 2 5:1 (2:0) – Goals: 1:0 Sayed Ali Benaissa (6), 2:0 Janice Bornschein (17), 3:0 Dominik Nurnberger (51), 3:1 David Anthony Marsh (55), 4:1 Paolo Introvini (78), 5: 1 Mario Dudek (81).

SGK Bad Homburg – 1.FC-TSG Königstein II 4:1 (1:0) – Goals: 1:0 Stefan Mikovic (20), 2:0 Mateo Zerdom (55, FE), 2:1 Tensei Chi Akusa (75), 3:1 Mateo Zerdom (77, FE), 4:1 Mateo Zerdom (85), FE., 4:2 Niels Gneza (89).

FC Weißkirchen – SG Eschbach/Wernborn II cancelled: A guest does not attend

Tim Rettig (SG Wehrheim/Pfaffenwiesbach II) is attacked by Moritz Rasch (left, TV Burgholzhausen) and Marvin Nussbaum. © Gerhard Strohmann