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Surprise announcement: Helen Fischer turns Bayern fans against her

Surprise announcement: Helen Fischer turns Bayern fans against her

Singer Helene Fisher delighted the audience with 71 concerts and stage shows accompanied by Cirque du Soleil as part of her “Rauch” tour in 2023. The new stadium tour is scheduled to continue in 2026. The singer shared on Instagram: “I would like to surprise you with a new amazing tour: in June /July 2026, I will rock the stadiums on a unique 360-degree stage!” The location has already been confirmed – and the fact that Fisher will appear there of all places is causing a lot of criticism.

Helen Fisher draws criticism for her stadium tour

Helen Fischer will guarantee a very special show on her stadium tour in summer 2026: the pop star will be the first artist ever to perform at Munich's Allianz Arena – home of FC Bayern Munich. The football stadium operators also confirm this news on their website and the official Instagram account of the Allianz Arena. “Superstar Helene Fischer is the first confirmed musical act to perform at the Allianz Arena, which is now also open for concerts: the German pop queen will be a guest in Munich on 17 July 2026 with her 360° Stadium Tour,” they wrote in a blog post. statement.

According to the announcement, the stadium is ideal for a 360-degree tour of the stadium, as Fischer can “perform among the concertgoers and thus be as close as possible to all spectator areas.” But critical comments are now piling up on Instagram. One user writes under the ad on the Allianz Arena Instagram account: “Posing as a BVB fan at Allianz Arena??” Another student said: “Get out of our stadium, not to Barcelona!” “She can play in Dortmund, she is in a better position there,” says another user.

Helen Fisher: Is she a BVB fan?

Helen Fischer has been a Borussia Dortmund fan for a long time. Fischer has previously sung several times at tournament celebrations and other Borussia events. The fact that she is now allowed to perform at the home of rival club Bayern Munich is an absolute no-no for many Bayern fans. This is not the first time Fischer has fallen out of favor with Bayern fans: in 2015, the 39-year-old accepted a BVB scarf as a gift – at her concert in Munich. There were also criticisms at the time.

Pop star Fisher isn't just getting hate because of her concert at the Allianz Arena. Some people were also happy with the comments and defended the singer: “It makes perfect sense that one of the most successful German singers and artists of all time is performing in the best stadium in Germany,” one user wrote. Another wrote: “Helen is, first and foremost, a first-class singer giving a first-class show, and this ups the playing field.” One user also thinks very clearly: “You couldn't have found anyone better.”

For people who don't want to miss the 360-degree spectacle on July 17, 2026: Pre-sales start on Thursday, April 25, 2024.