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Shorten your NFL wait with American Football on your console

Shorten your NFL wait with American Football on your console

American football fans can shorten the waiting time for the NFL to start on console: “Madden 24” brings the Super Bowl to your living room. We’ve tried it.

Oldenburg – The NFL kicks off the new season on September 7 – the date all American football fans are looking forward to. Then the undisputed best league in the world will search for its next champion until February 11th. As a reminder, last season, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the Super Bowl, the grand final of every season.

Practically speaking, the fight for elliptical playground equipment is already in full swing. Electronic Arts recently introduced the latest installment of the popular video game series: in “Madden 24”, “Madden 24” fans (and those who want to become one) can play single games on screen in several game modes, play the entire season or role playing. From the slot of a potential star player.

Before the fun begins, there are some necessary gameplay settings. A well-established procedure on the part of the famous sports game developer, which does not overwhelm newcomers with equally simplistic decisions, and is able to inspire experienced professionals with many optimization options down to the smallest detail. In other words: anyone dealing with Madden for the first time will look at the myriad settings with humility, but will still get their money’s worth very quickly.

In the game itself there are hardly any limits. The small match between them, whether against opponents on the couch or elsewhere, is just as taken care of as the all-out training elements. By the way, it’s highly recommended for every newcomer to Madden, because the challenges are complex. When do I start turning? Do I prefer throwing or running? Who do I actually fit playground equipment into? All of these decisions must be made while the enemies are charging towards me at full speed.

Players can delve deeper into Franchise and Superstar mode, which goes beyond just a single game and provides long-term motivation. Here, a club can be directed through one or more seasons, and decisions are no longer just about passing or running, but affecting the overall success of the entire franchise. Finally, in Superstar mode, everyone can slip into the role of a pro and shape the player on the field according to their own preferences.

Electronic Arts has breathed new life into the series. The visual presentation is attractive, thanks to the latest technology, the games have the real live gameplay atmosphere. And the chance to lead your favorite team to the Super Bowl is very attractive anyway. Meanwhile, the anticipation for the new real NFL season just got a little bigger.

By the way: American football has played an increasingly important role in media perception in Germany in recent years. However, there is one major innovation for the new season: “Pro Sieben” is no longer the home of the NFL for German fans, but rather rivals RTL. It remains to be seen how this change will happen – and whether the new changes can match or even exceed the old ones.

Madden 24 is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions don’t include all the innovations.