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Insiders reveal Chapter 5’s biggest new feature

Insiders reveal Chapter 5’s biggest new feature

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Fortnite could actually grow to new dimensions with Chapter 5. Insiders have revealed that a new open world is coming to Battle Royale.

Cary, North Carolina – Things are always in flux in Fortnite. Whether it’s through regular updates or new seasons, something in Battle Royale is always changing. However, gradually, it seems that the regular program of Epic Games is no longer enough. More and more rumors and hints are flying around about completely new game modes in Fortnite, and in Chapter 5, according to new inside information, fans can expect a whole open world.

The name of the game Fortnite
launch July 21, 2017
Publishers epic games
Developer Epic games, people can fly
platform PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android
Type battle royale

Fortnite: Many innovations for Chapter 5 to come – also with Open World

This is known so far: And in the coming months, Epic Games plans to do just that Fortnite is likely to come with new features and game modes. For example, Chapter 4 Season 4 just started, but Season 5 already says that this update will bring a month-long collaboration between Fortnite and Lego. A racing game mode, similar to Mario Kart, is also expected in Fortnite for Chapter 5, which launches in December.

The open world of Chapter 5: But that may not be the only major change coming in Chapter 5. Several Fortnite insiders recently announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the next chapter should kick off with a big event and a new game mode. This game mode is not exactly known yet, but it seems certain that Fortnite should get a new open world for it.

Fortnite: Wildlife, Regions and Three Acts – that’s what the new open world is known for

What does this open world game mode look like then? There is currently no specific information about the type of game mode. But it may be conceivable that behind the codename Arnold PvE mode with the possibility of cooperative multiplayer. Insider approved several key statements happy power already mentioned:

  • Open world mode comes with Chapter 5 Season 1
  • It will consist of 3 acts
  • The map is divided into several regions: Forest, Plains, Bamboo, Farm, River, Jungle
  • Lots of new wildlife and NPCs: Skyjellies, Smackie, Jellyfish, Nug, Burt, Crow, Robert and Granny
  • Game mode gets its own lobby
  • In the game part, the Battle Bus will be “unavailable”.
  • It has dynamic POIs feature in three levels

How much truth in statements HappyPower Stuck, I can not say yet. After all, there’s always talk of big new features in Battle Royale. But there is still no first-person mode in Fortnite, even if it has been mentioned several times. At the same time, it should be noted here again that many insiders independently share the same information with the public.

Fortnite with Open World – Insiders reveal Chapter 5’s biggest innovation © Epic Games

However, for now, fans can confidently focus on the current Fortnite season. The new season only started on August 25th and will delight fans with some new content. Of course, there is also a new Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 4, where players can earn many new skins.