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Shopping Queen: Nancy Holten participates in the Zurich edition

Now there’s a shopping spree in Switzerland too! For the first time, the Vox show “Shopping Queen” will take place in Zurich. Nancy Holten (47) also wants to show off her fashion sense on Wednesday, who once campaigned against cowbells. It may have failed. When the influencer was asked last summer, she initially said no. “I’m not the typical ‘shopping queen’ candidate. I don’t wear brand name clothes, I don’t wear cosmetics and I don’t have gel nails,” Holton, who has over 71,000 subscribers on YouTube, explains in an interview with Blick.

That’s why I participated in the show after all. It’s a great opportunity to inspire others. “I want to show that a woman is beautiful because she is natural,” she says. But Holten had one case: “I just came with undyed hair and no gel nails.”