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Schlager fun also happens on New Year’s Eve. Against the ship of dreams with FLORIAN SILBEREISEN

BLÃ?? MCHEN: Your song with Stereoact will be released today on New Years Eve

At the end of the year the pseudonym “BLÃ??MCHEN” was published Jasmine Wagner Another “feat” after collaborating with FINCH went very well. This time, JASMIN has dedicated itself to its decade, the ’90s – that’s exactly the name of the song written by Bukit Kokatas, Joshua Stolton, Dominic Cole, Nico Swift, Rico Ainkel and Stereoact: ‘The Nineties’

Similar success as possible with FINCH?

It will be interesting to see if the ’90s song will be as well received as the song with FINCH, which BLÃ?? MCHEN through which to achieve remarkable individual success (see here). However, the FINCH environment also places great importance on proper promotion, so that one does not have to search for press releases on their own initiative. It’s clear this time around that you trust the power of the theme and the song. – Whatever it is, a new STEREOACT album will be released in three weeks – including the song ’90s’

press release

Just in time for New Years Eve stereo turn on the clock â?? And set the indicators on the ’90s party!

100% Throwback anthem: ’90s action. Jasmin Wagner is a homage to the ’90s ++ companion album “100% Stereoact” coming Jan 21st

After the previous single “Offline” brought a certain nostalgia to the pre-digital era, Stereoact now invites you to the ultimate ’90s party â?? Without worry, without LTE, but with loud beeping sounds on www modem dial-up, skateboards on your feet â?? And the flowers in the boxes! Jasmine Wagner aka Blomchen doesn’t allow herself to be asked for long this time and joins the microphone when it comes to speaking musically with “VH-zu-dem-S” Rewind and “Best Time” for Rewind!

“The best time of our lives was the ’90s / We were young and free and carefree and free”

Stereo evokes that carefree, wild and free, which is highly overlooked especially at this time, after only a few bars â?? When the listener is torn between smiling, thinking and dancing. Witty throwback phrases like “No Net/But Never Alone,” “There Aren’t 500 Friends/Only Three” or “Be like Marty McFly for a moment,” with allusions to Cher, Paula Abdul, videos and G-Shocks, and XL T-shirts And Buffalo shoes, they actually look great “carefree and unadulterated” a???? Not least because ’90s sensation Blümchen is personally responsible for the microphone’s time travel guide!

Plus, the two producers were able to perfectly bring the sound of the ’90s into the here and now â?? And to make him look incredibly bored. If you’re not careful, you’ll wake up on New Year’s Day 1991!

The perfect synthesis of Deep House and Schlager comes from Erzgebirge: Stereoact’s Ric (Rico Einenkel) and Rixx (Sebastian Seidel) have erased everything in the past five years with their very own dance songs and songs???? And even records. Since the release of their latest “#Schlager” album, they have now recorded over a third of a billion streams (340 million!), flanked by 1.9 million records sold, and dozens of gold and platinum awards â?? Plus a diamond award on top of that. They won the latter for their version of the “Who Always Laughs” act. Kerstin Ott, who also gave them the most viewed German-language YouTube videos ever.

After the Ballermann Award 2019 & 2020 and the “Party Act of the Year 2020” award from, they last recorded a successful series with a remix album and cover album “#Schlager”. ?? Follow along, as they turn history’s greatest hits into dance and deep house updates â?? Which was so critically acclaimed that Stereoact celebrated the biggest chart success of their career (DE #6!). Although “Schlager” was still on the album charts at the time, the two successful producers finally returned to the studio and began working on new original compositions â?? For the upcoming album “100% Stereoact”.

With the new song “Nineties” he worked. Jasmine Wagner is now introducing another feature from her new album “100%”, which will be released on January 21! happy New Year ???? In the last decade of the last millennium!

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