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Scandal at ZDF TV Park: An elderly comment annoys broadcaster Andrea Kewell

Scandal at ZDF TV Park: An elderly comment annoys broadcaster Andrea Kewell

ZDF TV Park presenter Andrea Kewell shocked with a statement from her guest (left).

© Screen shot of ZDF-Fernsehgarten / ZDF-Mediathek

ZDF TV park anchor Andrea “Kiwi” Kiewel is in a good mood on the current show – even a comment from an elderly person spoils the mood.

Andrea Kiewel had a good time at ZDF TV park this past Sunday (May 16), as always. Even the TV presenter, known as “Kiwi”, allowed herself a guest to do exercise – by an 81-year-old citizen.

In the program titled “Here You Are, What?” Elderly Erica has shown her her workouts to the public, which she also posts on social media. Kiwi calls the 81-year-old, who discovered the sport at the age of 51, “the internet superstar”. With the help of her daughter, the big woman is posting her sports videos via Instagram and recently, even on TikTok.

ZDF-Fernsehgarten: Kiwi enthusiasts for an elderly athlete – until a statement comes

“Be more Erica, less moan,” Andrea Kewell says enthusiastically at first. Along with the elders, we go to the mat for some exercise. Mood is lively – even a comment from Erica is mood-upsetting.

Are there any exercises that you don’t like at all? Kiwi finally asks when the two women do an exercise together. The elderly woman responded that gymnastics in which she has to lie on her stomach is difficult. It will no longer work well with two prosthetic knee joints. Unfortunately, she adds, “I’m a little disabled.”

“Because what?” The supervisor replied, astonished. The elderly woman repeats her statement once more, unimpressed. Kiwi even interrupts her fitness workouts. “Let’s get that word out of here,” she says. “You have artificial knee joints.”

The Kiwi in the Center: ZDF TV Park’s biggest thrill in the video

Andrea Kewell at ZDF TV Park: The presenter interferes directly with this choice of words

With such an improper choice of words, it is likely that the presenter of the TV garden will interfere directly. Soon after this was mentioned, Andrea Kewell is back in her old role. “Both knee joints are new? What would you prefer – left or right?” Kidding. (No)

In the previous broadcast on “The Garden of Television” of Mother’s Day, Giovanni Zarella also wanted to surprise the viewer via a video call – and instead create a moment of shame.