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Royal Family: Camilla is making a serious decision

Royal Family: Camilla is making a serious decision

Events are currently moving quickly in the UK. After announcing that King Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer. And Kate Middleton's stomach surgery, and it's up to Queen Camilla and Prince William to hold the fort on site. The 76-year-old woman in particular is busy keeping up with her sick husband's appointments. Is this too much for you now? The Queen makes a radical decision.

Royal Family: Camilla faces a marathon of appointments

King Charles III's prostate surgery and cancer diagnosis. Things got messed up at Buckingham Palace. Appointments that he already had to attend are now attended by his wife, Camilla. Since the Palace announced the British regent's cancer diagnosis on February 5, the Queen has completed an impressive 13 appointments.

But is the woman standing by Charles able to handle this marathon of appointments? An insider has now revealed to the British newspaper The Sunday Time what Camilla is doing: “Even if she did not expect to find herself in the role of family leader, the Queen is certainly prepared to do whatever needs to be done.” It has to be done for the institution.” But the Deputy Regent of the British Kingdom is not a machine either. So she decided to take a week off.

Royal Family: Camilla takes a break

What a marathon for a 76 year old! After her many public appearances, she is officially taking a break, as reported by the British newspaper, The Sunday Times. Because there are no appointments for her next week. So she can first recover from the madness of scheduling and spend more time with her husband, King Charles III.

Her next appearance will be on March 11, where she will participate in a mass at Westminster Abbey.