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This diet strengthens the psyche and emotional well-being – a healing practice

This diet strengthens the psyche and emotional well-being – a healing practice

Diet has a huge impact on our health, and this also applies to our psychology and well-being. The ketogenic diet has been shown to boost mental health, improve mood, and relieve cognitive and emotional stress.

Research team from Northumbria University He studied the effects of the ketogenic diet on mental health and found significant benefits. The results of the corresponding study are available in the specialized journal “feed“Posted.

Physical and psychological benefits

The ketogenic diet has already been linked to several health benefits in previous studies, but so far the research has focused specifically on positive effects on physical health, the team reported.

However, individual studies have already indicated that the Mediterranean-based ketogenic diet also helps fight Alzheimer's disease and that the ketogenic diet can alleviate mental illness.

Examine the impact on mental health

The researchers explain that it is important to consider the overall effects of the ketogenic diet, that is, the physiological and psychological effects.

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In two groups with a total of 423 participants, experts examined potential links between the ketogenic diet and various aspects of mental health, including calmness, contentment, alertness, cognitive and emotional stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

How do you benefit psychologically?

The research team reported that people who followed the ketogenic diet were less anxious and depressed compared to people who preferred other diets.

People on the ketogenic diet also had less cognitive and emotional stress and felt less lonely.

The researchers concluded that overall, the ketogenic diet was associated with higher mental and emotional health, and the results showed that this diet could have psychological benefits for the general population. (FP)

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