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Research: Ultra-bright light sources are possible thanks to quasiparticles

Research: Ultra-bright light sources are possible thanks to quasiparticles

Synchronized quasiparticles as a source of ultra-bright light?

According to the researchers, this synchronization creates incredibly intense and rapid pulses. These pulses occur in a thousandth of a millionth of a billionth of a second – thus in the totosecond range. The team used advanced computer simulations for their study. They have been used to measure the properties of quasiparticles consisting of groups of electrons. These molecules move in sync with each other.

They are created by a group of molecules that interact in such a way that they can be treated as a single particle. In theory, these particles can move at any speed and therefore faster than the speed of light. They could even withstand the powerful forces of a black hole, the researchers wrote.

According to the study’s authors, quasiparticles could create a new type of light source. Due to the simplicity of the quasiparticle approach, it is suitable for experimental demonstrations in current laser and accelerator systems and can also be transferred to other scenarios such as nonlinear optical configurations.

With new technology, X-rays and radiotherapy can become cheaper. This would also make the production of powerful computer chips easier and cheaper. This light can also be used in astronomy to study the dense matter of stars and planets. At the moment, everything is still theoretical and a corresponding machine has not yet been developed.