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Reinhold Messner does not react calmly to a record loss

Reinhold Messner does not react calmly to a record loss

South Tyrol

Reinhold Messner does not react calmly to a record loss

Because he was said to have turned back 65 meters before the summit, Reinhold Messner was deprived of one of his records. At first he reacted calmly, but now he shoots Eberhard Jorgalski.


Reinhold Messner’s initially reaction to the loss of one of his recordings was not as bleak as it appears in this photo.


  • Reinhold Messner was the first person to climb all fourteen eight-thousander mountains.

  • This record has now been canceled in the Guinness Book.

  • Now he is engaged in a mud fight with Eberhard Jorgalski – the man who helped cancel the Messner records.

Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner He has climbed 14 eight thousand in the world. But he was only close to reaching the summit of Annapurna: 65 meters before the highest point of the mountain, he and his companion Hans Kammerlander turned back. Now Messner has been stripped of his Guinness World Record success for exactly this reason. Reinhold Messner’s reaction was calm.

«The last statement on the records in mountaineering! nothing! And there will be nothing in traditional mountaineering! I respect every alpine climber who has his experiences on the great walls of this world,” the mountaineering legend wrote on Instagram.

Jurgalski wants to report Messner

Lörrach Himalaya expert Eberhard Jorgalski has publicly withdrawn his records. Messner has now expressed his harsh criticism of Jorgalski. He, in turn, announced that he wanted to report the mountaineer. Now he speaks in the newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” about strong headwinds in the form of a thunderstorm. “I no longer have any friends in the entire German-speaking world because it seems I committed blasphemy.”

Messner hung up

In an interview with “Tages Anzeiger” Jorgalski says he didn’t cancel Messner’s records, he just classified them. “We didn’t take Messner’s or anyone else’s records, we just cataloged them. That’s it. “We have been discussing this for at least two or three years.”

When asked if Jorgalski was in contact with mountaineers like Messner, he said: “The fellow who discovered the error on Annapurna contacted Messner. The moment he told him you can’t see the base camp from the real summit, Messner cut off contact.

Finally, in an interview with the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper when asked if it was all worth it, Jorgalski said: “Honestly, if I had known earlier what to expect, I would have looked for another hobby at some point. It’s exciting.” “It’s extremely disturbing when a media giant like Messner insults me without consequences.” He will do his best to declare that he is not the devil who is destroying the beautiful game of former mountaineers.

Messner reacts on Instagram

“It is exciting to have E. Jorgalski as the Senior Advisor to Guinness World Records!”

Reinhold Messner, mountaineering legend

In his last Instagram post (Wednesday around 5 p.m.) Messner took shots at Jorgalski again. He writes: “It is exciting that E. Jorgalski is the chief advisor to Guinness World Records!” Messner has since deleted the post. The last word in this dispute may be far from being spoken.

Reinhold Messner posted this photo on his Instagram profile. It was deleted again.

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