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North Korea wants to expel US soldier Travis King from the country

North Korea wants to expel US soldier Travis King from the country

Travis King

North Korea wants to get rid of the escaped American soldier

Travis King, 23, joined a tour group in July and then fled to North Korea. Pyongyang wants to expel the American soldier.


North Korea wants to expel American soldier Travis King.

France Press agency

  • The escape of an American soldier into North Korea has made headlines around the world.

  • Travis King should now be expelled from the country.

  • It is not yet clear when he will be expelled.

North Korea wants to expel the American soldier I entered the country in July he have. The official news agency reported on Wednesday that North Korean authorities had finished interrogating soldier Travis King. He admitted to entering the North illegally because he “hated the inhumane mistreatment and racial discrimination” within the US military.

The agency did not say when the authorities plan to expel King. King had entered the north in July when he visited the south side of the village.

Following the stunning escape of 23-year-old US soldier Travis King into North Korea, new details have emerged about the young fugitive. A US 1st Armored Division cavalry scout with the rank of private private is said to have spent 50 days in prison for a serious fight in a Seoul nightclub.

Join a tour group

He was also accused of repeatedly kicking an emergency vehicle and verbally insulting officers after being arrested by South Korean police officers. He was also sentenced to a fine of approximately 3,500 francs. He was only released on July 10 and placed under US surveillance.

After his release from prison, he was scheduled to be returned to Fort Bliss, Texas, in mid-July. Instead, he left the airport in South Korea shortly before a scheduled departure to the United States, joined a tour group to tour the border city of Panmunjom and fled to North Korea. He is the first American to be detained in the largely isolated country in nearly five years. According to media reports, he wanted to apply for an entry visa to North Korea.

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