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Raphael Dwamena collapses on the field and dies

Raphael Dwamena collapses on the field and dies

Raphael Dwamena

The former FCZ star (28 years old) collapses on the pitch and dies

Former FCZ professional Raphael Dwamena has passed away. It is said that he collapsed on the field. This was reported by Albanian media.


Raphael Dwamena played here for FC Zurich.

Fresh concentrate

Tragic news occurred on Saturday afternoon. Former FCZ player Raphael Dwamena has died at the age of 28. Many media outlets in Albania reported this. The Albanian Assembly confirmed the corresponding report.

Dwamina recently played for KF Egnatia, a club in the Albanian First Division. He collapsed on the scene and remained motionless. Players from both teams provided first aid, and shortly afterwards Dwamina was taken to the hospital. Then the former FCZ star died in this.

Dwamena was once supposed to move to the English Premier League

Just a year ago he was keeping fit in the Second Interregional League with Old Boys Basel and played several matches for FC Basel. He was once a popular football star and returned FCZ to the Premier League in 2017 with twelve goals. In this, he continued recording as he initially wanted. He was also a hero in his native Ghana. He scored two goals in his first international match. But what followed was drama.

Dwamena was supposed to move to the Premier League, but Brighton really wanted to sign the 21-year-old star in the summer of 2017. Great opportunity! But the transfer failed. During the medical examination, he was diagnosed with a heart defect, and the British no longer wanted him.

He was examined again in Zurich. The doctors came to the conclusion that Dwamena could play football. They simply implanted him with a recording device that reported serious disturbances. At the beginning of 2020, a defibrillator was implanted. However, he later took it out again.

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