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Prempati is like a new passion.  È Made in the USA

Prempati is like a new passion. È Made in the USA

In the period of tennis, thanks to the success of Jannik Sinner, it became a very successful sport in Italy and the racquet mania continues in the midst of sports, another system that prevents the use of ratchet and ballin as learned in Persian from our country. Well, on Saturday 11 and 12 November, in Brimbati, in the province of Bergamo, this was the first Italian Campionato assoluto tennis tournament.

The sport was created in America in 1949 by tennis player Joe Sobeck, unifying the organization of squash and American tennis. Using the rachetta incordata similar to the tennis and ballin source from gomma vuote all’interno, racquetball is practical in indoor camps (pigeon wall, pier and soffitto vengono vengono Parti dell’area di Gico). Tennis is a sport in which the game is mostly 1 versus 1, but there is also a variant of 2 versus 2. This also includes the Campionato di Brembate.

The state of tennis is almost widespread and has approximately 6 million players, in Italy it is almost the same name as the sport and is practically not played. One of the main reasons for the battle in Italy is the presence of the bulk of tennis camps, but the whole situation in Alcone depends on the US Army, and Italian athletes do not have access to it. The first time pubblico was founded in 1995 in Puglia or in the same way as the public of others. The unified camps are used for playing tennis and are also located at the Municipal Sports Center in Prempati.

The Questa system, in Italy, is part of the Figest, Federazione Italiana Giochi e Sport Tradizionali, and has recently been riconosciuta dal Coni. Also essential in the Patrosinio dell’Irf, International Tennis Federation: Brembate dynasty Infatti not only evaluates the Italian Campione title and national ranking points, but also for qualification in the prossimi Campionati Irf.

Alessandro Stella