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Psychology: How the Rykov Method Is Supposed to Make Us Smarter

Rykov method How this psychological trick is supposed to make us smarter

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Would you like to be smarter, more analytical, or quick-witted? The Raikov method, developed by the psychotherapist of the same name, aims to make this possible.

Perhaps there is someone in history or in your life that you particularly respect. For the qualities you would like to possess, charisma or intelligence. The so-called Raykoff method is intended to help acquire such mental traits from another person. what’s up

Experiments with hypnosis show the Rykov effect

Russian psychiatrist Dr. In the 1960s and 1970s, Vladimir Rykov analyzed the human psyche in various studies. One method for this was by putting his patients into a state of deep hypnosis. They must imagine in a trance that they are a genius from history. Interestingly, some of these people actually showed better skills and (apparently) higher intelligence. One test person, for example, was supposed to put himself in the position of the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael – and then he really began to be able to paint very quickly and well. She was even able to paint a portrait of Raphael.

These experiments and their results are known in psychology as the Rykov effect or the Rykov method. And we can still use the results of Raykov’s investigations for ourselves today, without any hypnosis. Because this technology can help us in everyday life gain the intelligence and success of others.

The Rykov Method: How We Can Use It

  1. In order to bring our mental abilities to a new level using the Rykov method, we must first choose a person to be a role model that we want to emulate. It could be Marie Curie with her brilliant scientific mind and Oprah Winfrey with her emotional and social intelligence.
  2. Next, we imagine that we are that person. We imagine ourselves as this person in real situations and think about how we would think and act like them.
  3. We must firmly believe that not only can we develop the desirable abilities of our role model, but that we already have it within us.
  4. The more often we use and practice the Rykov Method, the more we internalize these qualities and can thus manifest ourselves as smarter, faster, or more charismatic – and therefore more successful in the long run.

Can the Rykov Method Really Make Us Smarter?

Of course, this technique is not about truly becoming that other person. We don’t have to and shouldn’t become Oprah Winfrey or any other (brainy) smart person. Instead, the Raykoff effect should enable us to break out of our stalled thought processes and thus gain an entirely new view of a situation. And it is much easier for us to do this if we mentally look at a problem through the eyes of another person. In this way, we may develop ideas and approaches to solutions that we may never have come up with in our usual perspective.

Whether this method can actually increase our IQ is another matter. But in any case, it can help us to react more intelligently and flexibly to problems, to become more creative and, possibly, smarter.

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