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UEFA Ranking. The coup from FC Basel still secures five starting spots for Swiss clubs.

Zaki Amdoni put Bayern on the way to victory over Trabzonspor.

stone key

Bayern’s victory over Trabzonspor was decisive for Switzerland’s place in the UEFA rankings. Switzerland will remain in the top 15.

It was a five-way between Switzerland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark to remain in the top 15 of the UEFA rankings, with two countries falling behind.

In the end, I got to Scandinavia. Sporting Lisbon posed a big hurdle for Midtjylland (5-1 aggregate), and Bodo/Glimt’s 1-0 defeat against Lech Poznan resulted in elimination after a goalless first leg.

With both Denmark and Norway now missing teams in the European Cup, they could gain no ground.

The table after the European Cup evening on 23 February.
The table after the European Cup evening on 23 February.

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Switzerland is looking forward

On the other hand, the mood in the Swiss football scene is better. Thanks to Basel’s turnaround against Turkish champions Trabzonspor, Bayern gained 0.5 points, and Bayern were also drawn on Friday afternoon in Slovan Bratislava to a possible opponent in the Conference League Round of 16 – a good starting point for continuing to score points.

UEFA Ranking

The UEFA ranking determines how many teams can compete internationally and how many qualifying rounds they have to survive.

The higher a country’s ranking, the easier it is for clubs to reach the main rounds of the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Points scored in the past five seasons are crucial. A club can score two points for a win and one point for a tie. Only half of the points are awarded at the qualification stage. The aggregate score for each country divided by the number of teams allowed to play internationally.

For Switzerland, this means that their points are divided by 4, as there were 4 teams eligible to play this year (FC Zurich, FC Basel, Young Boys and FC Lugano).
this means:
– Victory for CH Club:
+0.5 points for the ranking (0.25 in the qualification stage)
– Draw for CH Club: +0.25 points (+0.125 in QF)

Switzerland is currently ranked 13th, just ahead of Ukraine. And if FCB is able to appear on the European scene for a longer period of time, then in theory it is still possible to make a jump (albeit extremely unrealistic). For example, Serbia, which is in eleventh place, no longer has a representative at the start. For the 2.7 points lost, Bayern must have six straight wins – and thus advance to the final.

Note: Basel have reached the top 20 teams with the most points in the past five seasons.

Regardless of FCB’s results, local football clubs can actually be happy. Because now the second in the championship can still play for a place in the Champions League next season.

This is important, because elimination on the way to the first division does not mean a final end to the European Cup.

Good starting point

Defending champion FC Zurich failed in the second round of qualifying for the Champions League at the Karabagh Stadium in the summer, and then managed to qualify for the group stage of the European League through the detours. The losers of the qualifiers are relegated to a level in the competition series (Champions League/Europa League/Conference League) before being eliminated entirely. In short: in the next season and (maybe) after the next (since the UEFA reform is still pending), the first and second places in the Premier League have three chances of entering the group stage.

Or in other words: the champion will finish at least in the group stage of the Europa League, and runner-up at least in the playoffs of the Conference League.

The third and fourth places in the Championship will enter the second qualifying round of the Conference League, and the winner of the Cup will enter the third qualifying round of the European League (and thus at least the Conference League).

Another bonus is the fact that the 2018/2019 season, which is poor from a Swiss perspective (only 3.9 points), will be excluded from the rankings next season.

SFL spokesperson Philipp Gugesberger was also relieved to be represented by five Swiss clubs, as they had been the year before: “Incredibly exciting and ultimately a very positive evening for Swiss football!” he tweeted.

Historic attendance record in the Premier League

The numbers of spectators also satisfy the league. according to sfl message More fans flocked to the ten Premier League stadiums than at any time in the history of Swiss football. After 21 innings, an average of 13,159 fans attended the championship game. This places Switzerland in eighth place in Europe.

Across nine clubs, the current average number of fans is up compared to the entire season last year, most notably at leaders YB (+3,390 spectators). The promoted Winterthur also contributes to the good result thanks to the sold-out cottage, especially compared to Lausanne, which was relegated last year.