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Prince Harry: News about father King Charles III swirls – 'Sadness'

Prince Harry: News about father King Charles III swirls – 'Sadness'

The whole world is currently watching the royals after not just King Charles III. He has announced his cancer diagnosis, as has his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

But there is still a big gap between the royal family and Prince Harry – even though he visited his father for 30 minutes last February after learning of his illness. Harry took a private flight from the USA to England, and critics and fans are now wondering: Will Prince Harry see his family again in person on his upcoming visit to England in May?

Now the news is going around that this must be the case! But according to Royals experts, the match will be different than perhaps expected.

Prince Harry and King Charles: The meeting is imminent

On May 8, a service will be held at St Paul's Cathedral in London to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games – the sporting event founded by Prince Harry for soldiers injured in the line of duty.

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So it is clear that the prince himself will be there on this anniversary day. His wife, Meghan Markle, is also supposed to fly in from Los Angeles to support her husband, although her relationship with the royal family is also very broken.

Royals author Tom Quinn tells the British newspaper The Sun that Prince Harry will meet his father, King Charles, in person during his visit to England next May. But the meeting will definitely not be warm. He added, “The meeting between Harry and his father, King Charles, will be brief and official.”

For good reason, according to the expert: “Simply because any difficult conversations could lead to grievances being aired publicly when Harry returns to the United States.”

Prince Harry: His family is afraid

After Harry did not take kindly to the royal family in his book “Spare” and various interviews with Meghan Markle and revealed private details about King Charles, his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton, among others, members of the royal family have become more cautious in dealing with the royal family. Trust Harry with anything.

Quinn: “William and Charles will always worry that they won't be able to say anything to Harry in private without the real risk of anything and everything being made public.”

According to Quinn, there will probably never be a meeting between Prince Harry and Prince William, and William should not be able to forgive what happened so quickly. But meeting his father will not be easy for Prince Harry either, because this relationship is “full of pain and sadness,” says the royal family expert.