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The search for the house becomes a test of Caro and Andreas Rubens' relationship

The search for the house becomes a test of Caro and Andreas Rubens' relationship

Caro and Andreas had been watching the houses for weeks. But out of 20 views there was only one house that they both liked. The 1970s mansion is said to cost just under €700,000, which is slightly higher than a bodybuilder's budget. For Andreas, this is the crux of the matter. The Robens have made a counteroffer and are waiting to hear back from the homeowners.

The Robbins don't have long to wait. Today you are looking at house number 21. A finca with approximately 2000 square meters of land near Llucmajor. At €420,000, the country house in Mallorca is definitely within a bodybuilder's budget. For Caro, the problem lies more in the word “cottage.” The medium, Maurice Klingenschmidt, already knows Caro and Andreas from previous viewings and already knows what his main task will be during today's viewing: Caro. She cannot yet get used to life in the countryside. There are chickens running across the street.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​living in the countryside fascinates Andreas. Finally, no one bothers you, says the bodybuilder happily. Caro had a different idea of ​​a house in the country. A house like this for the weekend would be a beautiful thing. In addition to an apartment in Arenal. The main house with 4 rooms and a living area of ​​100 m2 does not change Caro's mind. It's missing an important detail, especially in the kitchen – the dishwasher. Therefore, Caro's opinion is clear. The house is beautiful and she can also make friends with the sheep and chickens. But she thinks she is still too young for country life. So the search continues. Unless the owners of their dream home apply.