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Premier League: We can look forward to these new stars

Snapper, Champions League goalkeeper and a lot of experience

We can look forward to these new stars!

The Premier League has gained some interesting names. Blick shows off the new stars we have to watch especially from the start of the season on Saturday.

Publication date: 3:34 pm


Updated: 4:35 PM

Marwin Hitz (34), Basel

Since he was a fan favorite Heinz Lindner (31) and had a buck or another in the making, his early weeks in Basel are associated with a lot of noise. However: With Marwin Hitz, a big name is on the verge of making their debut in the Premier League. 14 years and 181 Bundesliga matches for Dortmund, Augsburg and Wolfsburg! With the eastern Swiss team comes focused experience in the Premier League – and in Bayern. If he shines like his predecessor Lindner, he also has what it takes to be a fun person. After all, he could do nothing about the fact that the club presidents demoted Lindner.