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Post is the 14th most used phishing company

Who they don’t know: Emails that seem to come from a trusted source at first – until you’re supposed to click on a link. At the latest, when asked to share personal data or logins, most people are likely to become skeptical.

However, there are companies that hackers often misuse to obtain personal data and passwords. The US technology company Cloudflare has now created a list of the top 50, which is specifically used for so-called “phishing”.

Swiss Post is in 14th place, right after eBay and Apple. Swisscom remains on the list at 48th.

Cloudflare also gives the two companies an example of what a “phishing” site might look like. For example, you should be suspicious if you are redirected to “www(.)swiss-post-ch(.)com”.

It becomes especially difficult when government employees fall for fake emails. For example, the Swiss Foreign Ministry has repeatedly been the target of such attacks.

But criminals also keep up with the times. According to Cloudflare, no company in the aforementioned sectors was in first place in 2021. Instead, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it was the World Health Organization (WHO) that was most abused for phishing.