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Swiss amateur boxing champion: Gabriel must leave Switzerland:

The petition has begun

Boxing champ Gabriel must leave Switzerland – resistance is forming now

Gabriel came to Switzerland to study. Because he failed, he must now leave the country. A petition was initiated to challenge the decision.


Gabriel came from Nigeria to study in Switzerland. He had to leave the country because he failed in his studies due to family problems.

20 minutes / Vanessa L

  • Gabriel came to Switzerland from Nigeria to study in Freiburg.

  • Because he failed, he must now leave the country.

  • A petition opposing the authorities’ decision has now begun.

Gabriel came to study at the University of Freiburg From Nigeria to Switzerland. Due to unusual family and social circumstances, he fails in his studies and must now leave Switzerland.

The Nigerian appealed the decision, but his appeal was rejected in a ruling on February 21. The case seems clear: if a student comes to Switzerland to study and fails in this project, he must leave the country according to the current law, explains Bartek Bouchon, head of the Population and Immigration Office in the canton of Fribourg. Liberty ».

The review will be initiated

Meanwhile, Gabriel is said to have reached an agreement with the university in order to be able to continue studying. In order to fight against the decision of the authorities once again, the boxing club where he trains started a petition for his young talent. Meanwhile, Gabriel became the champion of Switzerland in amateur boxing. Already 3,000 signatures have been collected within three days.

“We see broad support,” says Guy Zurkenden, a member of the group. Two members of the National Council signed the petition. According to Zurkenden, it is currently assumed that it will be possible to appeal against the ruling.

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