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Pippa Middleton is swimming in money – her parents are broke!

Pippa Middleton is swimming in money – her parents are broke!

The Middleton family's financial paradox: While Kate's parents cannot pay off their debts, sister Pippa Middleton enjoys her luxurious life.

Pippa Middleton has no financial worries. – Getty Images

The basics in a nutshell

  • After 36 years, Princess Kate's parents have to give up their business.
  • It is no longer possible for them to pay the outstanding debts.
  • Kate's sister, Pippa, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry financially.

Things are not looking good for her right now.

In May 2023, it was announced that Princess Kate's parents, 42, would have to discontinue their family business, Party Pieces, after nearly 36 years.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the holiday accessories company to falter very badly. Economic recovery for Carole (69 years old) and Michael Middleton (74 years old) is no longer possible.

Carole and Michael Middleton are in financial difficulty. – Corner stone

As the Mirror now reports, the full extent of the bankruptcy proceedings has only now come to light. This brings the mountain of debt to 260 thousand pounds, equivalent to 297 thousand francs.

Carol and Michael should have to pay this amount to cover the insolvency company's costs. But they are currently unable to do so. A payment solution is being worked on with a bankrupt regional company (IA).

Pippa Middleton's daughter is worth billions

Will their daughter and Kate's sister Pippa Middleton (40) help them now? Because maybe she will never have to face financial problems.

James Matthews (48 years old), whom Pippa Middleton married in 2017, is one of the richest families in Great Britain. The family could have nearly £2 billion in assets (about 2.3 billion francs) of its own.

His parents built a business empire – including the famous Eden Roc Hotel in the Caribbean. Pippa Middleton recently treated herself to a few sunny vacation days there.

It is not surprising that the four walls of the house in Berkshire (Great Britain) are full of luxury. Their million-dollar property includes no fewer than 30 bedrooms, surrounded by a generous 150 hectares of land.

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A swimming pool and tennis court will soon meet the family's needs.

An area that Sister Kate can only dream of. The blue-blooded woman's Adelaide cottage offers at least four bedrooms.

Adelaide Country House near Windsor Castle is the home of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. – Doukas

But not only the house, Kate's bank account is also smaller than her younger sister's. The future queen is said to have a fortune “only” in the three-figure million range.

So, if you think joining the royal family will make all financial hurdles go away, remember: there's always more that's possible!

Pippa's bottom made headlines

Pippa Middleton is known to everyone since the wedding of her sister Kate and Prince William (41 years old). The 40-year-old's butt sparked a lot of talk around the world at the time.

Pippa Middleton (back) at Princess Kate's wedding in 2011. – Cornerstone

The little sister is said to have overshadowed the bride, as the British media claimed.

Princess Kate and Pippa also have a brother named James Middleton (36 years old).