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Carmen Jess advises her daughter to have breast surgery

Carmen Jess advises her daughter to have breast surgery

This is in Carmen Jess Not everything that is pure in nature is an open secret. The TV millionaire stands by her beauty routines. And her daughters too Davina (20) and Shania (19) They are thinking about undergoing surgery.

Her mother is Carmen and her father Robert Jess But they have different opinions about it.

Carmen Jess on Davina's bust size: “I'm going to operate on it”

In the new episode of the family reality show “Jason's family – A very glamorous family” is the main theme of Robert Guess's new fashion collection, which he launches with his Roberto Gaessini brand. The two daughters are of course allowed to try on clothes.

like Davina Jess When you wear a pink sports bra, you notice that it is a little loose.

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“It has to be a little tighter, otherwise I wouldn't have breasts,” she says as she pulls the bra on. “The breasts need to be squeezed a little, otherwise we will have to do surgery,” is her criticism of the design.

“Then we will make it more compact, it is cheaper, faster and can be done with a sewing machine,” is the solution proposed by Robert Jess.

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Carmen Jess can be heard saying: “I'm going to have surgery. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.”

She added shortly afterwards that she did not mean that statement seriously. “It was fun, of course. Our kids are perfect the way they are,” she replied.

Carmen Jess's position continues to be attacked on social media. “Which mother would recommend plastic surgery to her daughter?” One user accuses the reality star. ““Someone looks like he lost some brain cells due to cosmetic anesthesia, many of them,” someone complains — even if there are fans defending Jess. “Oh my god, it's fun,” confirms one user.