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Pinko man from the mountains for Globus loans – inside Paradeplatz

Pinko man from the mountains for Globus loans – inside Paradeplatz

Peter Fanconi and Rene Benko, one heart, one soul. This is from today's story In the Sunday newspaper Outside.

The newspaper quotes emails between funders. It was “three days off” at a luxury hotel on Lake Garda, which it apparently was. Banco's tangled empire he heard.

Fanconi was happy with the trip to Villa Eden and thanked Benko for “making the effort personally.”

That was in 2020.

As a result, Fanconi was crucial in ensuring that the Innsbruck property and shopping tycoon, which suffered its biggest bankruptcy in recent years, had access to credit from Swiss cantonal banks.

According to previous press reports, the Graubünden Cantonal Bank, headed by Fanconi, contributed about 60 million francs to a syndicated loan for Globus Homes.

Aargauische Kantonalbank was the biggest opener of the fund, giving 73 million francs to Benko's Signa and its Globus stores in Zurich and Bern.

Basel KB was then asked to contribute $7 million to the new construction of Globus Basel According to Sunday newspaper It was scheduled for January this year.

A company spokesman confirmed that Fanconi paid for the trip to the luxury hotel in northern Italy himself. “At no time were there any support services provided by Peter Fanconi to Mr. Benko.”

$757 million (Globus Zurich; IP)

Fanconi's problem is that he played a central role for Benko. Today's story shows that the Graubünden KB captain got the Austrian to play with other state banks for high Globus loans.

“Without your support in your cantonal bank network, this would not have been possible so easily – and I really appreciate it,” Benko Fanconi said via email.

“Peter Fanconi has made some contacts for this work,” his spokesman told the SonntagsZeitung newspaper.

CS was responsible for Globus Credit Union. It was about $500 million for Benkos Signa and the central group of a Thai businessman who bought the globe 4 years ago for one billion and fifty.

Benko and Fancone liked each other personally. They posed together for lifestyle magazine Stomach in 2021.

Pinku is a talented magician who has been able to attract influential people. He and Peter Fanconi seem to have managed to do this quite well.

Fanconi may have seen himself cut from a similar group of businessmen. He pursues his own goals in private equity with the Investors Club.

The former Vontobel big man also launched Blue Orchard, an investment firm for sustainable investments.

this He sold it in 2019 Schroders, an asset manager from England. Fanconi still exists today Head of Blue Orchard.